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8" Clip-On LED Glow Ring Light

8" Clip-On LED Glow Ring Light

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Australia - you asked... we listened! Whilst we have thousands of professionals and content creators using our desktop ring lights all over Australia, we are often asked for a ring light solution that doesn't compromise on desk space. We're pleased to announce the arrival of our 8" Clip-On LED Glow Ring Light - bright, diffused light, without needing to make room for a tripod. Simply plug into a USB power source (such as your computer or a wall adapter), clip onto your monitor, and you're good to go! Lightweight and portable, you can now take your perfect lighting between your work and home office with ease.


  • Desktop content production
  • Web conferencing and Zoom calls
  • Professionals looking to improve their online image
  • Those who are tight on desk space
  • Individuals needing an easy, portable lighting solution


  • Perfect for professionals and content creators using an in-built computer camera, such as for web conferences, Zoom meetings or YouTube tutorials
  • Clips straight onto your computer or laptop monitor with a sturdy, anti-scratch aluminium clamp
  • Clip can also be used as a base stand to sit the light upright on your desk
  • High-quality LED light gives out gentle diffused light, simulating natural light in your office setting
  • Adjustable brightness to compliment the amount of natural light in your space already
  • Adjustable colour temperature to compliment your skin tone or desired look
  • Portable and super lightweight


  • Size (outer dimensions): 20cm (8")
  • Colour temperature modes: natural light, cool light, warm light
  • Dimming range: 1% - 100%
  • Charging Mode: USB Power Supply


  • 1 x LED glow ring light
  • 1 x USB plug (without power adapter)
  • 1 x ball head adapter
  • 1 x clamp

Have a smaller laptop and not sure if the 8" might be a bit too heavy? Check out our 6" Clip-On LED Glow Ring Light

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Scott R.
Ring Light for Laptop

I bought a clip on ring light for my wife so she could use for her online business. She is very thankful and told me that it makes her videos appear more professional

Great for zoom meetings

Needed a better set up in my home office for work zoom meetings and business calls as I had poor lighting and looked like I was always sitting in the dark. Great to be able to have adjustable brightness and tone. The Glow Ring gave me just what I needed.

Great product

It works really well when I’m in meetings and I love how compact it is. Thank you for all your useful tips too. 👍

Lisa W.
Perfect ring light

I purchased this ring light for my late night work calls and I love everything about it. Highly recommended for quality, service and delivery

Leanne H.
Works as advertised

Exactly what I needed for night-time videoconferencing.