How To Take Good Instagram Photos

How To Take Good Instagram Photos

Whether you’re new to Instagram or have a beautifully established account, we all have one thing in common. We are concerned about taking the best Instagram selfies and creating aesthetic photos.

If you’re like me and think of yourself as un-photogenic, the first step is to stop! Think differently, you’re not un-photogenic – you may just not know your angling, or you may need better lighting. It can be intimidating to not know what looks right, and learning a few tips of how to take good Instagram photos is only going to help you in the long run!

There are several tips to take good Instagram photos, and none of them have to do with being photogenic or not. Most of these tips are used by many other Instagram influencers, can be adopted easily and won’t break the budget. In fact, some of these tips cost no money at all.

Unlike a few years ago when the only options were taking grainy, blurry, low quality images from your clunky phone, or lugging around your SLR camera, these days taking a photo on your smart phone is most often better quality, and is always at hand.

Learning how to take incredible shots using only your phone is the best way to stand out and build a strong presence on Instagram.

All of these tips include things you should know about lights, background, angles, and a few more things to consider to take an aesthetic photo. Learning how to take great shots on your phone will not only give you confidence to do so, but is the best way to stand out and grow a strong presence on Instagram.

Tips on How to Make Your Instagram Look Fab

Here are a few tips to help you create the most aesthetic photos for your Instagram. Follow them, and you’re sure to get at least one great photo! Remember – experimenting is everything when it comes to pictures, especially if you are your own photographer. 

1.    Understand your lighting

This is EVERYTHING. Too much brightness and you can appear washed out, too little lighting, and you can’t see the full detail of the picture. The number one rule in anybody’s book is understanding how to use light to take great photos. Natural light should always be your first choice to deliver a richer and brighter photo – think outside, near windows or in well-lit rooms.

Where natural light isn’t an option such as a gloomy day, night time or in a not-so-well-lit room? We have one well-kept secret for the perfect selfie… a clip on LED ring light for your smart phone. No matter where you are, what the weather is, with this on-the-go ring light, you will get the perfect lighting in every shot. 

2.    Play around with your viewpoint

At the end of the day, the main reason you want to learn how to take good Instagram photos is to stand out and be noticed in someone’s Instagram feed. If you’re taking a photograph of nature, beauty products, or anything else, be sure to find an appealing view. Play with angles and viewpoints to discover interesting and unexpected photos.

This is particularly important if you are taking photos of familiar places and subjects. Avoid the boring, point and shoot at eye level. Experiment with crouching low or finding a higher viewpoint, if you’re feeling adventurous. Challenge yourself to see things from a new perspective and delight your audience within something fresh.

3. Follow the rule of thirds

Filters, techniques and editing tips come and go but one composition principle is timeless – the rule of thirds. It’s a very simple method of balancing your image and providing alignment of your subject.

It’s simple – divide your image into a 3×3 grid. This is easy to do on a smart phone. For example, in your camera settings on an iPhone you can turn on gridlines.

Then, align the subjects or objects in a photo along the gridlines to create balance and order in your photo. You might choose to centre your subject in the middle of your photo, or play with asymmetry. Either way, you’ll become more aware of what is in your frame and how everything fits together.

4.   Keep your editing simple, yet effective

Once you find the best view, the perfect angle, and the best lighting, you can start editing your images. Editing doesn’t need to be hard; there are many apps you can use to create a beautiful photo without the hassle of learning Photoshop.

Deciding on a preset or filter is one great way to show off a great Instagram photo, but also goes a long way to creating your Instagram aesthetic. This is important for creating cohesiveness throughout your feed and facilitating brand recognition amongst your followers.

These tips are the best place to start. Once you start experimenting with a camera, you will learn what works best for you, your theme, and you will be able to decide what makes an aesthetically pleasing photograph. 

Do Ring Lights Make You Look Better?

Lighting can be a bold statement and can make or break a photo. Too little light makes it hard to rescue the photo later with editing, however too much light can make you look washed out, or a picture can look overexposed. This is also hard to recover from later!

If natural light isn’t an option, the best tip on how to use a ling right is to pick one that suits your needs. You can get yourself a clip on phone selfie ring light that that will always have your back when it comes to taking a good selfie on the go.

If you’re shooting content at home, or in a space that is not well-lit, a floor/standing ring light set will provide perfect lighting every time. These have a adjustable brightness function as well as the ability to choose your colour temperature to fit your desired Instagram aesthetic. Creating consistency with these two variables will cut down a lot of your editing time too.

Final Thoughts

Taking good Instagram photos can seem daunting and intimidating. However, with practice, it can be fun and entertaining to experiment with your photos. Mastering a few simple tricks around lighting and composition, and some editing techniques, are skills you will take with you for the rest of your life, regardless of what the current trends may be.

With practice, you can learn to take aesthetic photos and share them with your friends and followers all over the world. You can showcase your skills and inspire others through your feed. If your goal is to capture the attention of potential clients, these tips will help you. 

Looking for more personalised help on how to take a good Instagram photo? Feel free to reach out to the team at Glow Ring Light Co. Not only do we supply fantastic lighting solutions for your photography needs, but we’re always up for a chat with like-minded individuals!

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