Seven Ways to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

Seven Ways to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

Becoming a well-known fashion or beauty Instagram influencer takes hard work and dedication. Whilst anyone can start an Instagram account, getting your voice heard amongst the noise isn’t as easy as whacking a few posts up and hoping for the best. In order to give yourself the best chance of creating a following on Instagram, it’s important that your aesthetic is unique and cohesive. This is not just to be visually pleasing but can greatly improve brand recognition and business success.

An Instagram aesthetic refers to the look and feel of your feed. It will convey your brand’s voice and personality. It can be one of the best ways to attract new followers, as well as keep people engaged in your content. Unlike on other social media platforms, on Instagram your posts are often seen in conjunction with one another, so it’s important they don’t seem like a random mismatch of ideas, colours, fonts and filters.

Some of the best Instagram influencers focus on themes that occur in every photo and share the same aesthetics. It provides a cohesive image for your feed so that it is easy on the eye and flows beautifully.

There is no doubt a well put together Instagram page will help gain the loyalty of many viewers who may end up being your clients. There is no glass ceiling when it comes to Instagram.

Here is a post that will help you with tips and tricks on how to improve your Instagram aesthetic.

Why Is an Aesthetic Important?

A beautiful aesthetic will became part of your unique brand. Your Instagram account will become something you are known for. It creates a unique appearance that no one else has and makes you memorable. Now to do this, you don’t need a big budget. Starting out with very little is fine, and you can create a beautiful portfolio. This is something Glow Ring Light Co. has always focused on is helping individuals create luxury photos at a budget-friendly price. This can help your Instagram aesthetic, and we are proud to help you grow as an influencer. 

Seven Ways to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

1.    Improve your lighting

One of the best ways to improve your photos is by getting exceptional lighting and maintaining that lighting for every single picture. It helps create aesthetic photos for people to view and keeps a theme throughout your whole page. You don’t need a full studio, but you need to make sure you have some equipment that can improve not only your selfies but also your full body pictures and any product placement images. A phone selfie light, for example, that clips easily onto your iPhone, allows you to take the best photos on the go while keeping your aesthetics looking wonderful.

2.    Pick a central colour

Believe it or not, colours not only say a lot about your personality but also attract a specific viewer. Colours are essential when choosing a layout for your Instagram, and it will help your overall aesthetic. You can choose a full-colour pallet if you can’t choose one, these decisions are hard! However, try sticking to a common colour pallet that goes well with each other. Again this will enable you to stand out as your audience is mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and remain memorable.

3.    Buy a backdrop

Thanks to the internet, there are now affordable backdrops you can purchase online. Choose one or two colours that fit in with the rest of your theme and stick to it. This can help you with the layout of your Instagram and stick with a consistent theme. It also helps to eliminate anything in your environment that is otherwise distracting to your audience, and helps you to look professional.

4.    Plan

Before you start posting pictures, have a strategic layout, that allows you to break up posts and make meaningful content. If you have too many colours together, too many words, the overall design may look cluttered. Each picture may look good, but seeing them all at once can sometimes be too much. Focusing on the bigger picture will help create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. 

5.    A better bio

Part of a pleasant aesthetic is also having a great bio. Once someone likes one of your pictures, they may go to your profile to see what you are all about. The overall layout will need to look thought out and put together, but so will the bio you create. Make it your own; let it stand out and be unique. This is your most important piece of real estate on Instagram and is the only place you can include a clickable URL link… so make it count!

6.    Stories

Share your everyday life, new posts, or anything else that represents your brand. To take on-the-go stories that are flawless, be sure to utilize a phone selfie LED ring light. It will help you to stick with your theme even on the stories! 

7.    Share

If other stories inspire you, match your personality, represent something you love, and flow nicely with your feed, share it! This can be a great way to get more exposure, add to your aesthetic, and support other Instagram bloggers too.

These are only a few ways you can improve your Instagram aesthetic. The most important thing is to use social media to spread positivity and awareness of something important to you, and remain authentic in the process. Creating a beautifully-curated Instagram feed doesn’t mean becoming something you are not. It it meant to enhance the content and message you are putting out to the world. 

A Tool to Help Your Instagram Become More Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the best ways to get flawless images every time is by using an LED ring light. At Glow Ring Light Co., we offer a variety of options to suit your needs – from an on-the-go phone selfie light, to a 6″ ring light for simple desktop shooting, or a 18″ ring light with stand remote control for a more professional set up.

If you found these tips helpful and put them into practice, tag us on Instagram – @glowco_australia – so we can get behind you and your brand as well!

Need more tips on creating perfect lighting for your Instagram shots? Reach out to the team and we’d be more than happy to assist you!

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